Our Story

My Name is Simon A. Betts, and I grew up on an ostrich farm in South Wales, which always made me feel unique around my peers. I like to think of myself as a rather unique individual. Living on a farm with exotic birds such as emus and rheas one starts to see the world in a different light, the world is odd and normality as most would describe it is a state of weird behaviour, breaking the mould and doing what no one else is doing is a choice in life that always leads to doing things that are far more fun and exciting than the things others are doing.

I imagine on most farms, especially the one I grew up on there is an array of ‘stuff’ that can be disassembled, assembled, reformed, and salvaged and I grew up doing just that. While growing up I built a variables power supply, drones, foundry, a soup box racer, rockets, and a multitude of other projects that I can no longer remember, all in the exploration of the world around me. During my projects I always dreamt of using my skills to change the world. I needed to help others and bring others joy and excitement like I had felt in the completion of my many projects. 

Growing up with a father and brother who were engulfed in astronomy and science combined with watching Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate I regularly felt inspired by the devices and the adaptive nature of the technologies that were used. I always thought this is something we will be able to do but it needs to start somewhere, someone need to push the envelope of what is possible. 

When it comes to technology, I have always wanted to know everything that there is to know. From 14 I started attending STEM activities and as many site tours or engineering courses as I could. This has meant that I have been able to gain a lot of exposure from seeing processes of TRV (Automotive), Exo Mars and Satellite at Airbus Space and Defence, Power systems At Pembrokeshire Power Station, Aberthaw power Station through to aiding and supporting in the development of 5G systems, Underwater Sonar and building understanding of the key features that are necessary to bring a project of scale together. 

With all this in mind Atlantic innovations is my opportunity to push the development of future technologies. This is an opportunity for us as a people to group together to see the world change in a way that will be safer, more entertaining and support in the growth and development of humanity. Individually we can do a lot in this world but together we can do anything. 

It has now been asked on several occasions why Atlantic Innovations? The Atlantic Ocean is one of the largest oceans on earth, yet we know so little about what is beneath its waves. The Atlantic is a place of mystery filled with creatures that can clam in nature and creatures that can kill. All together the Atlantic is a level of exploration that unlike anything around us. It’s cold, it’s warm, it’s dark, it’s light, it truly is a combination of everything that makes us push the boundaries of the world. This is the reason why Atlantic Innovations exists, to explore and discover the unknowns and to develop the world further than its current position. Atlantic is set up to bring forward technologies and bring them home to the UK.

– Simon A. Betts, Managing Director of Atlantic Innovations

Simon A. Betts with the Exo Mars Prototype in 2018
Simon A. Betts with the Exo Mars Prototype 2018
Simon A. Betts at Diamond Light Source, Didcot
Simon A. Betts Speaking at Ignite Cardiff
Simon A. Betts at Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA
Five Trees Ostrich Farm, Trelleck – Week 1 of opening

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

– Sir Winston Churchill