Volkswagen – The Come Back

After carrying its’ dodgy diesel emissions scandal for a few years, it’s fair to say the Volkswagen Group is once again on the march, as it has redirected its forces towards the much-needed electric future. This change starts with the ID.3, which is the first of a new-generation Volkswagen of ID-badged all-electric models. This familyContinue reading “Volkswagen – The Come Back”

Introducing Nissan’s EV36Zero

‘Nissan is driving towards carbon neutrality with a world- first EV manufacturing ecosystem’ announced Nissan on twitter this summer, as they unveiled the; Nissan EV36Zero, a £1 billion flagship Electric Vehicle (EV) Hub creating a world-first EV manufacturing ecosystem! Managed from Sunderland, UK, Nissan EV36Zero will supercharge the company’s desire to achieve carbon neutrality andContinue reading “Introducing Nissan’s EV36Zero”

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence that is demonstrated by machines. This is in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans or animals. AI is often defined in many different ways, however the consensus is generally agreed upon 4 types of AI systems. Reactive AI: Used for simple pattern recognition and is able to functionContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”

Guglielmo Marconi – Cardiff

We just wanted to take a minuture to talk about Cardiff and technology. Were you aware that the first ever radio signal was sent from Lavernock point, Cardiff. That’s the same radio waves that are now used everyday by millions of people. Every phone is based off of the RF technology that was pioneered hereContinue reading “Guglielmo Marconi – Cardiff”