The Field Support Robot (FSR)

Created by: Toyota

Created: 2020

The FSR (Field Support Robot) is an autonomous robot created by the auto manufacture Toyota in alliance with the Tokyo Olympic Committee for the 2020 games. The robot was designed to aid in throwing events such as the javelin, at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Ultimately the robot was to be used to reduce the amount of time needed to retrieve items while demonstrating the abilities of autonomous vehicle technologies being developed by Toyota. These specialised robots can follow a member of the field crew out to the location of the tossed object where it awaits its the field they can drive up to 20km/h and operate for up to 2 hours on a single charge.

These robots are fully autonomous and will plan the best and most efficient route to the desired locations. We think this robot is a great way to gain exposure and teach the world what robots are really about.

If there are any robots you’d like us to promote then why not post it in the comments below.

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Day 1 – A Proper Introduction


Atlantic Innovations is a technology development and demonstration company based in Cardiff, Wales. We specialise in three key market areas: Robotics, Drone Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence. We have set out to challenge the current status quo and support in changing the way the world uses technology. We want our customers to better understand the world around us and have the freedom and flexibility to act when they see new opportunities. 

We aim to bring the technologies of the future into today’s reality. The mission is to see the technological opportunity, and direction of market movement before it changes. At Atlantic we believe that, given the right people and the right technology, anything is possible. Whether it be travelling to Mars or exploring the ocean, we aim to support the world in doing more. 


Robots can be used in a variety of situations to keep people safer than ever before. New robot concepts are appearing almost daily, and we believe that we can utilise some of these concepts to better understand the world. Robot technologies are nothing new and have been in existence since the birth of ‘Unimate’ by George Devol in 1954. The difference is we intend to bring them into our everyday lives in an unprecedented way. At Atlantic we will design and build robots that can be used to explore, exercise, support and build in the world around us. Our market research shows that the robot market has been growing by 26% each year and is unlikely to slow down. Robots are all around us, with numerous being commercially available, for example Boston Dynamics released ‘SPOT’ for industrial applications. Agility Robotics have signed a contract with Ford for its ‘Digit’ delivery robot. Shops are using ‘Pepper’, by SoftBank Robotics, which can read and understand your emotional state and then provide help with your shopping needs. 

We will be developing the robots that can fit into the smallest spaces, supplement the military, aid in humanitarian relief, and support in new and changing situations all over the world. 


The more we connect the more we want to see the world. Drones are a specific form of robot that take to the sky and can provide more than we realise. We will be using drone networks to support, relieve and aid in combat, entertainment, and advancement of knowledge. We want to build the fundamental understanding to ultimately develop drone technologies that can support space advancement and control it from centralised locations. 

The key developments we will be making are in swarm behaviour. This has application in the military world as low-cost offence and defensive systems, and in the entertainment world as an alternative to fireworks. Companies can utilise lights shows, sky art and practical demonstration as new and exciting ways to entertain, learn and teach. We are also excited to push the development of the first drone-based space system that can be used in accompany future space travel. The intention of space-based drone systems is to create a need for construction, mining, and defence of platforms. Ultimately opening new market interests globally. 

We are also excited for our drone systems to start the development of the largest repository of 3D images and scan data that ultimately can be used in conjunction with google maps to provide a user experience that has never been experienced before. 

Artificial Intelligence

Every day we wake up and we evaluate the world around us using our 5 senses and our mind. Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally the same process of sensing the world, before making decisions based on the data returned. Atlantic will develop artificial intelligence-based software that can be implemented in a wide range of customer specific applications. The main goal for our AI is to continue the work in pioneering new AI technologies leading to fully self-aware systems. Atlantic will achieve this by continuously developing AI systems to compact, climate change and the specific needs of our customers. 


People have always enjoyed the thrill of a race, whether it be horses, dogs, rally cars, formula cars, Soapbox, planes or even motorcycles. Our race series is like nothing that came before it, we are changing the way racing is done and we will take you to the edge of your seat using the latest technologies. At Atlantic we want to provide a platform where numerous companies can develop and demonstrate their AI software against other companies, we will be introducing the first autonomous race series.

Our race series will be unlike anything that currently exists, the cars known as ‘shells’ will be provided to a sponsorship company as part of their race season. The sponsoring company will develop their own AI and apply it to the shell. The full system is then raced against other vehicles on a dynamic track, that changes with each lap. The racetrack will provide opportunities for the vehicles to race upside down, through tunnels and round the spectators. The track will be ever-changing and thus truly test the abilities of the AI software and shell hardware. 

We have spent time looking at the world around us and we can see that the people are ready for more. In 1895 the first true race was held, from Paris to Bordeaux, France, and back, a distance of 1,178 km. The winner made an average speed of 24.15 km/h. The first Formula 1 race was the 1946 Turin Grand Prix. Formula 1 cars typically have more than 700 hp and can travel 372.5 km/h over 15 times faster than the original race cars. And yet what has happened since? Out first race series will be called the Titan race series – We are building 7 titans that will represent Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, China, and the United States of America. Ultimately, we are trying to build an international sport that can entertain, teach, and inspire million around the world. Our dynamic track with be of our own construction and design and will be set up here in Cardiff, South Wales. This is an opportunity for the automotive industry to develop their own AI systems and better understand the complexities of AI that can be applied in to there every day commuting vehicles. Finally pushing and driving the technologies that are going to be arriving to keep in line with both the ban of sale and diesel cars by 2030 and the regulations governing net zero by 2050.


At Atlantic we have a fundamental belief in “Passing it forward”, this means when good gestures and deeds are done, we ensure that we move those gestures and deeds along to try and support others. Our vision fundamentally incorporates giving back to the community around us, whether it be Litter Picking, Outreach, Stem Engagement, Teaching, or Individual Support we want to always be in a position where we can give back to our community. The community around us is as important to us as the development of the technologies themselves. 

Atlantic Innovations is fundamentally a company started to push forward the next generation of technologies. We understand that currently there are a diverse set of technologies that we are aiming to specialise in, however we have no doubt that this set of technologies not only naturally interlinks among themselves but will offer us the opportunity to build off the back of the current innovations and current legislations that are in development around the world. We at Atlantic we are excited to see the world grow, and we want to support the world in its changes. We have an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Kind Regards,

Simon A. Betts

CEO of Atlantic Innovations