Volkswagen – The Come Back

After carrying its’ dodgy diesel emissions scandal for a few years, it’s fair to say the Volkswagen Group is once again on the march, as it has redirected its forces towards the much-needed electric future. This change starts with the ID.3, which is the first of a new-generation Volkswagen of ID-badged all-electric models. This familyContinue reading “Volkswagen – The Come Back”

Introducing Nissan’s EV36Zero

‘Nissan is driving towards carbon neutrality with a world- first EV manufacturing ecosystem’ announced Nissan on twitter this summer, as they unveiled the; Nissan EV36Zero, a £1 billion flagship Electric Vehicle (EV) Hub creating a world-first EV manufacturing ecosystem! Managed from Sunderland, UK, Nissan EV36Zero will supercharge the company’s desire to achieve carbon neutrality andContinue reading “Introducing Nissan’s EV36Zero”