Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)

Once again, we are looking at the Wales based company, Vortex IOT, and how one of their projects works towards the monitoring and improvment of air quality. This Swansea based company has designed the next generation of Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) sensors to benefit the industrial sector and for the application of smart cities. Vortexs’Continue reading “Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)”

Ocado’s Customer Fulfilment Centre

So it turns out that in Walworth Business Park, Andover there is a food packaging centre that is entirely built to suit robots and not humans.The factory is called the customer fulfilment centre (CFC) and was developed by Ocado’s, the online grocery store, in order to better serve their customers. The CFC has a choiceContinue reading “Ocado’s Customer Fulfilment Centre”

The DARPA Grand Challenge

Have you heard of ‘The Grand Challenge’ by DARPA? The challenge was set up to aid in the development of technologies and to create the first fully autonomous ground vehicles capable of completing a substantial off-road course within a limited time frame.The challenge was started in in 2004 and run in the Mojave dessert, USA.Continue reading “The DARPA Grand Challenge”

Who are Anduril?

We have been watching a company called Anduril for a while now and wanted to tell you about them.Lets start with VR headsets, most people know about Oculas and their Rift technologies, a portable helmet that immerses you into a virtual reality. Fewer people know that the company was bought by Facebook for $2.0 BillionContinue reading “Who are Anduril?”

The Field Support Robot (FSR)

Created by: Toyota Created: 2020 The FSR (Field Support Robot) is an autonomous robot created by the auto manufacture Toyota in alliance with the Tokyo Olympic Committee for the 2020 games. The robot was designed to aid in throwing events such as the javelin, at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Ultimately theContinue reading “The Field Support Robot (FSR)”

Day 1 – A Proper Introduction

Mission Atlantic Innovations is a technology development and demonstration company based in Cardiff, Wales. We specialise in three key market areas: Robotics, Drone Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence. We have set out to challenge the current status quo and support in changing the way the world uses technology. We want our customers to better understand the world around us andContinue reading “Day 1 – A Proper Introduction”