Our Business

Atlantic Innovations is a technology development and demonstration company based in Cardiff, South Wales. We plan to use consumer-facing entertainment as a platform to develop and further the use of artificial intelligence to assist in environments where it can improve safety, comfort, and performance. We intend to license this AI development in a manner which is both profitable and sustainable. 

A great example of this is our first product, an autonomous race series that will see teams from across the world pitted against each other in a challenge to develop real-world artificial learning to navigate a car around a real-world race circuit in front of a real-world audience. This promotes the development of self-learning, self-healing self-driving technology which can be licensed to improve safety on our roads, whilst also creating sponsorship, engagement and learning opportunities through a public facing event. 


At Atlantic we are providing a platform where companies, universities and solo entities can develop and test their latest generations of AI software against others and against our dynamic track. In our race series the cars, known as ‘shells’, will be provided to a competing company as part of their race season. The company will develop their own AI and aerodynamic packages and apply it to the shell. The full system is then raced against other vehicles on our custom track. The racetrack will provide opportunities for the vehicles to race upside down, through tunnels and around the spectators. The track will be ever-changing introducing bollards, new track openings and more, thus truly testing the abilities of the AI software and its ability to overcome a changing situation. 

We have spent time looking at the world around us and we can see that the people are ready for more. In 1895 the first true race was held, from Paris to Bordeaux, France, and back, a distance of 1,178 Km. The winner made an average speed of 24.15 Km/h. The first Formula 1 race was the 1946 Turin Grand Prix. Formula 1 cars typically have more than 700 hp and can travel 372.5 km/h over 15 times faster than the original race cars. And yet what has happened since? Our first race series will be called the Titan race series. We are building 7 titans that will represent Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, China, and the United States of America. This race series will be the latest in racing performance and entertainment while simultaneously forcing the development of a safe, more efficient, and better understanding artificial intelligence. 

Our dynamic track will be of our own construction and design and will be set up here in Cardiff, South Wales. This is an opportunity for the automotive industry to develop their own AI systems and better understand the complexities of AI that can be applied into there every day commuting vehicles. Finally pushing and driving the technologies that are going to be arriving to keep in line with both the ban of sale and diesel cars by 2030 and the regulations governing net zero by 2050.

We are here!

As a company Atlantic Innovation is looking to progress, we as a company are looking for Investment and a semi-permanent location to move forward our operations. We are currently at a stage where we are developing two proof-of-concept projects, an electric vehicle using a Ford KA and a small-scale AI based test platform. We are looking for a location that has space to manufacture our proof-of-concepts followed by our shell designs, as well as an outdoor space to test our vehicles.

Atlantic Innovations is fundamentally a company started to push forward the next generation of technologies. We have an opportunity to build off the back of the current innovations and current legislations that are being implemented in the UK. Cardiff has a rich heritage and involvement in the world of technology and we at Atlantic are excited to support Cardiff in continuing to innovate. We have an opportunity to make the world a better and safer place and we want you to join us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Introduction, if you have any further questions or just simply want to find out a little more then please do not hesitate in contacting me on the details below. We have available a Business plan, Cashflow and Risk analysis that can be sent upon request.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Our Staff

Simon A. Betts – Founder and Managing Director

Simon is a friendly approachable experienced engineer with a vision for a world that is changing. It is not simple or easy to move forward but Simon believes that it has to start somewhere and Atlantic Innovations is that somewhere.