Creator: Houston Mechatronics

Created: 2019

This unbelievable robot is called ‘Aquanaut’ and was built by Houston Mechatronics Inc.The only real way to describe this robot is an underwater transformer, it literally transformers from a submarine into a two armed robot for inspection of oil and gas infrastructure. It can operate vales, use tools and requires no tether or support shafts. Impressively In sub mode it can travel 124miles or 200km, up to 7 knots 13kph/8mph and has a maximum operating depth of 984ft/300m. Check it out!

  • Inspection of oil and gas infrastructure
  • Operate vales
  • Use tools
  • No tearher, no support shafts
  • In submarine mode it can travel 124miles or 200km
  • 7 knots 13kph/8mph
  • Max depth 984ft/300m


#houstonmechatronics #aquanaut #robot #review #fondthecoolstuff #cardiff

Aquanaut transforming from Submarine mode to transformer mode.

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