Created by: Toyota

Created: 2020

T-HR3.. Okay first a bit of a moan, when it comes to robots we think they should always have real names, designation numbers are so…. disengaging. Moan over.

The T-HR3 is the third generation, humanoid robot by Toyota. The robot is designed to demonstrate the ability to control joints and balance a robot around its centre of gravity. Interestingly this has a human interface called the master manoeuvring system which allows a user to control the robots limbs remotely. Technically speaking the human is connected to 16 super-sensitive torque servo modules as well as force and motion sensors that control the 29 servos found in the robots body. This is all happening in real time. The VR style head unit also allows the operator to see through the eyes of the robot.

This is the type of robot technology that we think should be implemented in day to day life, the applications could save lives around the world. In rescues scenarios it would make sense to put robots controlled by humans in to risky situations, rather then risk further loss of life. We imagine that if these kinds of robots were available then Petty Officer Beirut Pakbara (Thai Navy Seal) may not have died during the Tham Luang Cave Rescue in 2018.
If there are any cool robots that you think we may like then leave a comment below, we will be sure to investigate it.


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T-HR3 and Control Interface

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