An 18 meter (60ft) Gundam!

Created by: Gundam Factory in Yokohama

Created: 2020

Location: Yamashita Pier, Japan

Giant Gundam robot statue, Odaiba, Daiba, Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

An 18 meter (60ft) Gundam! That is the same Gundam we used to play with as kids and run around the house with. Even without nostalgia this is one of the coolest robots we have ever seen, It is absolutely massive. There is a bespoke hanger that lets you see the world from the cockpit of the Gundam robot. The robot weights 25 tons and has 24 moveable parts, including its legs, arms and head.

If you want to visit this cool robot then you can find it at the Gundam Factory, Yokohama, South of Tokyo in Japan. Be quick though as the event ends in 2022.
If there are any robots that you’d like us review then leave a comment below.


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18 Meter Gundam

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