Introducing Nissan’s EV36Zero

The Plan for a £1bn Electric Vehicle Hub

‘Nissan is driving towards carbon neutrality with a world- first EV manufacturing ecosystem’ announced Nissan on twitter this summer, as they unveiled the; Nissan EV36Zero, a £1 billion flagship Electric Vehicle (EV) Hub creating a world-first EV manufacturing ecosystem!

Managed from Sunderland, UK, Nissan EV36Zero will supercharge the company’s desire to achieve carbon neutrality and establish a new 360-degree solution for zero-emission motoring.

The launch began with a £1bn investment by Nissan and its partners Envision AESC and Sunderland City Council. The idea interconnects three initiatives, which bring together electric vehicles, renewable energy, and battery production.

Nissan President and Chief Executive Officer, Makoto Uchida stated: “This project comes as part of Nissan’s pioneering efforts to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. Our comprehensive approach includes not only the development and production of EVs, but also the use of on-board batteries as energy storage and their reuse for secondary purposes”.

This initiative aims to greatly accelerate Europe’s drive to achieve carbon neutrality. Isn’t that just what we need right now?

And this is not all, as this idea has been designed for global markets, UK production will be exported to the European markets traditionally served by Nissan’s Sunderland plant, making it truly a drive towards Europe’s carbon neutrality. It has been stated that the new crossover will be built on the Alliance CMF-EV platform, with a forecasted production capacity of up to 100,000 units to be installed.

This means that the production in Sunderland will create 909 new jobs at the plant, and more than 4,500 in the UK supply chain, while further ensuring 75 R&D jobs. Indeed, the transformational project and various investments into producing a new-generation all-electric vehicle in the UK, takes the total capital investment by Nissan into the plant past a whooping £5bn!!

In fact, by evaluating Nissan’s expertise in crossovers and the worldwide success of the Nissan LEAF, one can already get excited about the upcoming next-generation vehicle styling, efficiency, and battery technology, which will hopefully make the switch to electric driving even more accessible.

However, this project appears to go beyond the promises of the products as the means to create a blueprint, the Sunderland City Council aims in fact to deliver a 100% renewable electricity ‘Microgrid’ that will save 55,000 tonnes of carbon annually!

By combining the existing Nissan wind and solar farms, initial plans suggest there could be as many as ten solar farms created, with an anticipated 132MW generation, and with a direct connection to renewable energy from the UK grid for ‘firm’ supply to Nissan and automotive companies located on the adjacent International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP). However, these plans will continue to be developed and evaluated with potential private sector green investors.

As a debut, this project is estimated to be an £80 million investment, which further includes plans for a 1MW battery storage system using second-life Nissan EV/Envision AESC batteries. If this idea would be to become successful, this would allow for excess energy generated during daylight hours to be captured and used at another time, helping to balance demand on the grid. How amazing does that sound?!

However, now that we know a little bit more about this investment, what are we thinking? Are all those ideas too good to be true? Or maybe, there is something that could be done differently? Let us know what you think!

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Plan for Sunderland, UK

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