Transfer of Pollution

Power Plant

One big topic for the world of EV’s is the transfer of pollution. Let’s talk about what this means.

Typically with internal combustion engines (ICE) the pollutants are exhausted. This is strictly controlled by law to ensure vehicles do not harm our atmosphere.

The move to electric vehicles (EV) has come with a lot of negative feedback, people saying that pollution is just transferred to the air around power stations with the increased demand in electricity. This is in someways technically correct however fundamentally flawed thinking.

We think that this is obviously a complex situation however one perspective that we like is that the move to EV’s creates a new situation. Our cities and countries will be transformed. Our health will significantly improved and the data is shows that heart disease, asthma and respiratory problems will all reduce.

With more localised pollution sources stricter and more rigorous control measures can be used to control and compact the pollution and thus rebalance climate change.

Our carbon footprint is something we have control over, it just takes small amounts of commitment that start at home with how we act.

We really want to know your opinions on climate change so like and leave a comment below.


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Emission Produced form Vehicals

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