Who is DARPA? DARPA stands for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They are a research and development department under the US Department of Defence. And are basically in place to find, crest and develop emerging technologies that might stand to better support the US military.

We talk a lot about DARPA project simply because they sit so close to our fundamental goals of driving new and innovative technologies that could change the current status quo.
Sometimes DARAPA has been responsible for the robot projects that we adore at AI, for instance Big Dog by Boston Dynamics was a DARPA funded project that ultimately was the taking off point for SPOT, the small yellow now commercially available dog like robot that we have previously spoken about.

DARPA has an annual budget of around $3.4 billion which is just a radical sum of money, but still a drop in the ocean when you compare it with the US defence budget of $715 billion in 2022.

All this money has meant that DARPA is reasonable for the Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine, weather satellites, GPS, drones, stealth technology, voice interfaces, the personal computer and the internet which is a very impressive rap sheet.

If you know of any other cool companies that are related to the work that we do, then post a comment below, we’d love to know more. 😁

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