Boston Dynamics

One company that is absolutely driving the charge in robotic development is Boston Dynamics. You may recognise the name because we have posted a lot of project that have been developed by there teams.

Boston Dynamics (BD) is an American robotics/engineering company that was established in 1992 as an spin off of MIT university, USA. The company has worked with funding from DARPA (the us military research organisation) and has build under Google, Hyundai and numerous other private ventures.

Interestingly Hyundai bought a majority share 80% of BD from the Softbank Group in 2020 for $880 Million, giving the company a value of little over $1 Billion.

If you think this is a cool company then just check out there YouTube here:

We think they are a really awesome company to follow. If you can think of any companies working in the fields of Robotics, Drones or AI that you think we would like then comment below.

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