Who are Anduril?

Palmer Luckey

We have been watching a company called Anduril for a while now and wanted to tell you about them.
Lets start with VR headsets, most people know about Oculas and their Rift technologies, a portable helmet that immerses you into a virtual reality. Fewer people know that the company was bought by Facebook for $2.0 Billion in 2014. Subsequently after a disagreement Facebook fired the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey from the company.
Palmer Luckey then set up Anduril in 2017, with a goal of predicting and providing the US government with future technologies before they know they need it.
Listening to Luckey talk about technology is reminiscent of how we look at the tech industry, however with a slightly different end goal. We want to give opportunities to people that don’t yet realise what they want. We aim to provide the technologies of the future, the kind that at the moment are around yet not commercially available.
Anduril is pushing to get technological prototypes manufactured in the shortest time possible, with some projects coming together within a week of there proposed design concept. They truly are diving into the technological markets in a big way, and we are look forward to seeing how they grow and develop as a company.
If you know of any cool companies then why not let us know below. Drop a comment or send us a message.
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