Czinger 21C Hypercar

Czinger 21C

Have you heard of the Czinger 21C Hypercar?The Czinger is a Hyper car that is designed by Ai, built using 3D printers, and assembled using robots. THATS SOOO COOL!! 😂😂
This USA based company has committed immense resources to the design and building of this hyper car in order to change the way the current automotive model and processes work.

It turns out a lot of the parts, including the suspension, are created using a process called topology optimisation. This is a form of engineering where a program will remove any material that is uneeded, leaving behind a shape that is optimised for the performance needed. Doesn’t the suspension mount look a lot like a leaf or stem after the process?
Something we have noticed a lot is that nature truly is the king, and engineers are slowly figuring that out too. For example, did you know sonar systems use very specific frequencies that are also used by animals like whales and dolphins. When plane designers needed a better understanding of flight they noticed that birds put the very tips of there wings up at the end. It turns out this breaks the wind vortex behind the wing, creating less drag on the plane. Next time you go on holiday look out the window and see if you notice how they have Implemented this technology.

Czinger process uses a vertical assemble line, known as the Automated Unit (AU). This is a set of 50ft x 50ft robot arms, where some arms preform assembly whilst other arms rotate, twist and move the chassis into the correct position.

Panels on the Czinger can allegedly be fitted to within 0.01016cm (0.0004 inch) using the AU which means all parts are more of less perfectly aligned.

This car has approximately 3000 hours (125 days) of assembly time, however the actual assembly part itself takes less than an hour due to the AU. Each robot can move up to 5mph. Every arm has its own set of objectives to complete, yet coordinated with every other arm to ensure the assembly is completed properly. Each robot can be reprogrammed so the AU retains the ability to change and be used for assembly of any vehicle.
The biggest saving of the AU is in its cost. Typically assembly lines cost around $500million, however the Czinger AU only costs around $3million.

The Czinger team boast about how the SR-71 Blackbird was there inspiration for the design of Czinger. When the world fastest plane is your role model you can expect something special. The road model of the car can achieve 270mph out of its twin turbo, 2.88L V8 engine. It can also go from 0-69 in 1.9 seconds. Wow, now that’s a car!
The Czinger is a proof of concept car that demonstrates that the 110 year old process of a moving assembly line is rapidly becoming redundant, and that modern technologies can be used to create parts that are currently thought to be impossible to manufacture.

If you know of any super cool technology that you’d like us to take a look at, then comment below. 😁


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Topology Optimisation
Czinger Automated Unit (AU)

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