Atlantic Innovations

Changing the way the world works

Atlantic Innovations is a technology development and demonstration company based in Cardiff, South Wales. We plan to use consumer-facing entertainment as a platform to develop and further the use of artificial intelligence to assist in environments where it can improve safety, comfort, and performance. We intend to license this AI development in a manner which is both profitable and sustainable.

A great example of this is our first product, an autonomous race series that will see teams from across the world pitted against each other in a challenge to develop real-world artificial learning to navigate a car around a real-world race circuit in front of a real-world audience. This promotes the development of self-learning, self-healing self-driving technology which can be licensed to improve safety on our roads, whilst also creating sponsorship, engagement and learning opportunities through a public facing event.


It is deep in the blood of the people around us to experience the thrill of a race. We aim to change the way racing is done, we will take you to the edge of your seat using the latest technologies and the latest designs.


We have a track design that is like nothing that already exists. Our track will be able to offer a revolutionary new way of testing progressive technologies as well as offer the industry a platform to compete.


The more we connect the more we want to see. Drones are a specific form of robot that takes to the sky. What if our drones can be manipulated to do more?

Artificial Intelligence

Everyday we wake up and we evaluate the world around us using our 5 senses. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all simply sensing the world around us before making decisions based on the data returned. What is it we can do to make the world a better?

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” 

― Alan Turing

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